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We save your TIME and money.
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Fuel limits and transactions control in real time. 24/7 support and consulting.
Wide multibrand network, CARDLESS and fuel card payment solutions.
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All products and services in one invoice, easy tax refunds.
Our services

Drivitty Platform

Drivitty platform is a convenient way to manage and plan operations for your transport fleet.

Drivitty platform offers:

– Easy and fast transport routes planning

– Effortless managing: drivers can be assignment to vehicles in just a few clicks.

– Company’s expenses card: it allows to manage routes according to petrol prices therefore decreasing the amount spent.

– 24/7 customer support for you and your drivers.

Get in touch to learn all the benefits of Drivitty platform.

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CRT Partner App

CRT Partner app – an exclusive, innovative way to pay for fuel using your mobile device.

This solution is a new way for transport companies to save time and money, as well as is convenient for drivers.

Drivers receive the routes that were set on the Drivitty platform straight to their mobile device, they can find the assigned petrol stations, see the limits and most importantly – pay for fuel without using cash or cards. The technology implemented in the app meets the highest security standards, therefore you avoid the inconveniences that may occur when paying with cash or cards.

You can learn more about the app by watching this video.


A unique combination of technology, network and fast service

CRT Partner offers a wide network of petrol stations across Europe. Depending on your customers’ needs and expectations, we continuously expand our petrol station network to ensure they are in convenient locations and near major roads. You can pay for fuel with the CRT Partner mobile app or the CRT Partner fuel card.

When our customers have very specific routes, we make sure that relevant petrol stations are connected to the CRT Partner petrol station network. You can view the existing petrol station network here.

Stations map


One On Board Unit (OBU) in all Europe!

CRT Partner offers OBU that is based on newest technology. One OBU for all main European countries:

– EETS newest technology (GNSS/DSRC/Bluetooth);

– Easy and fast installation, customer friendly interface;

– Remote download and connection of new countries;

– One invoice for the tolls from different countries, online transactions.

Terms and conditions

VAT and Excise duty refund

CRT Partner offers professional service for Tax refund. All specific laws, rules and regulations of every country are considered. Full handling of your VAT and Excise duty refund applications, automated processes. Our services:

– Normal VAT refund
– Fast VAT refund – net invoicing
– Excise duty Tax refund